Dear Parishioners:


OLGC comprises about 520 households (1400 persons) and is likely to become a much larger parish over the next five years; this, especially given the significant increase of housing construction that is coming on line.

The concern for the parish becomes how to foster a vibrant faith-community within the Roman Catholic tradition and changing times and demographics.

To help achieve this, an on-line-survey was conducted last year to which 202+/- persons responded. Following that survey, two Focus Groups (April 2, May 11, 2015) were then conducted to help sift through the over 15,000 response items to the survey, and to discern varied ideas, trends and needs.

This draft document of a PARISH FIVE-YEAR plan is the result. As the title states, this is a parish Five-Year Plan. It cannot be achieved simply or primarily by our small hired staff. Success will require the active buy-in and participation of a wide variety of parishioners.

Please take the time to read the document. It may also be printed.

Discussion meetings have been scheduled for:

  • November 7 at 8:30 – Noon.
  • November 14 at 8:30 – Noon

Purpose is first, to discuss this draft document. Second, to secure personal commitments of parishioners to help bring varied aspects of the plan toward realization.


Fr. Guy

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