Many ministries, services, councils, and committees make the Parish work. Click on the individual ministry link for more information.

Pastoral Ministries Meeting Time                                 Contact                           Phone              
Altar Servers Stacey Smith 724-351-2973
Bereavement Susan Ward 904-824-8688
Bible Study Thursdays 6:45pm Claude Fiori 904-377-3378
Bible Study for Women – Walking With Purpose Wednesdays
See page for schedules
Stephanie Hardin 386-237-5907
Boutique on Church Rd 1st Friday & Saturday Lydia Wagner 904-940-6967
Children’s Liturgy of The Word Sunday 10am Tim Sawyer 904-252-5788
Church Cleaning Saturday 8:30-10 am Ed Wagner 904-940-6967
Dining with Dignity 4th Monday Debbie Troehler 904-940-8890
Eucharistic Adoration 1st Fridays 7:00pm Deacon Mark 904-239-2970
Extraordinary Ministers EM Scheduler 904-824-8688
Family Catechesis Program Mondays 6:30 – 7:45 Amy Kirk 904-824-8688
Family Rosary 3rd Sunday 4:30pm Richard Hisrich 904-252-4577
Finance Council Fr. Guy 904-824-8688
Food Pantry See page Mary Ellen Davidson 904-868-9804
Garden Ministry Mindy Benedict 904 209- 6900
Golf Tournament June 25, 2017 Robert Wolk 904-599-8495
Grounds Beautification Tim Turner 904-429-2195
Fall Festiv’All October 21, 2018 Mark Youngclaus 732-703-4222
Haiti Mission Office 904-824-8688
Homeless Children Initiative Jorge Bertran 904-599-7447
Hospitality Ruth Mallett 904-797-5059
Humany Life & Dignity Regina Jean Fields 913-940-4933
Ladies Guild 1st Tues. 6 pm Andrea Wingate 402-218-9084
Marriage Ministry Quarterly date nights Stephanie Hardin 386-237-5907
Men’s Breakfast Club Saturdays 6:00 am Richard Hisrich 904-252-4577
Men’s Club 2nd Tues 5:45 pm Marvin Sindel 904-318-1928
Music Ministry Wednesdays see page TBD 904-824-8688
New Parishioner Welcome Ministry Every 2nd to last Tuesday Marvin Sindel 904-318-1928
Parish Council Fr. Guy Noonan 904-824-8688
Prayer Network Anton J Anderle 904-484-6428
Prayer Quilt 1st & 5th Tues; 9-Noon Donna Ricciardelli 904-610-5861
RCIA Rite of Christian Initiation Don Pepino 904-940-5488
Rosary 30 Min. prior Mass AJ Anderle 904-484-6428
Sacristans Frank Coonahan 904-417-0857
Scouting: American Heritage Girls Meagan O’Neill 904-505-6968
Small Faith Sharing Groups Lenten Season Don Pepino 904-940-5488
Spiritual Direction Darlene Langlois 848-480-3946
Troop Support 3rd Thursday 9:00am Jackie Stubbs 540-672-8306
Ushers Marvin Sindel 904-318-1928
Veteran’s Support Group Ed Moitoza 904-501-1326
Visitation Ministry Don Pepino 904-940-5488
Web Site Rick Jarvis 904-687-3202
Youth Ministry YRU! 2nd & 4th  Sundays 5:30 pm Claude Fiori 904-377-3378

All ministries meet at the Church unless otherwise noted

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