Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church

Bible Study

This year our Bible study will be The Bible Timeline . It is a carefully guided journey through salvation history that follows the narrative storyline within the Bible. This will be part Bible Study, part Faith Sharing and everyone will be free to share as much or as little as they would like. This study should be one of our best ever.

This study will take 24 sessions and we plan to start on September 22nd. We will start at 6:45pm for gathering, 7:00pm prayer and finish between 8:00 and 8:30pm. We will be in pods 4 and 5. As always, some calendar juggling is expected, so we are most likely looking at late April to complete. Do not worry about missed weeks, however. As with other studies, the videos are online and suggested responses are in the back of the book, so you can keep up even if you are away. Additionally, each lesson, although building on the previous ones, can also be taken on individually. While you will get more out of working through all weeks of the study with the group, you will not have to worry about falling so far behind that you can’t keep up.

You will be asked to read portions of the Bible each week and answer about a dozen questions based on what you got out of what was read. Even if you do nothing because you are busy that week, the group discussion is the real blessing of this ministry. Everyone contributes in their own way and we all learn and grow together.
To purchase materials, you can go to this LINK. It is $37.95 for everything. If you prefer to work with an online book and the videos, you can save a little money.

Contact: Claude Fiori
Phone: 904-377-3378
E-Mail: [email protected]