Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church

Veteran’s Support Group

The Veterans’ Support Group is composed of military members of the armed forces who are retired, active duty, reservists, guardsmen including those who have served one or more tours of duty. The group’s goal is to enable area veterans and current military members to know and assist each other in our parish and community life. The group established a WGV-area presence as a support referral resource to assist military-associated folks seeking support. The group members support current military members transitioning to community and parish life.

The Veterans’ Support Group established and maintains the OLGC Cemetery VETERANS’ MONUMENT with our nation’s flag and those of each military service on display. The flags and a memorial wreath are refreshed every November. There is an on-going memorial paver program to honor family, friends, and favorite military units at the base of our Veterans’ Monument. Parishioners and area residents are invited to visit this peaceful and serene site and reflect on their special veteran. The Group installed twenty USA Veteran gravesite markers with individual flags on the graves of veterans interred in our OLGC Cemetery. Those flags are renewed annually each Veterans Day.

The Veterans’ Group supports the annual OLGC Cemetery Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day Masses along with semi-annual Veterans’ Monument wreath-laying ceremonies. The Veterans’ Group has Leadership Committee sessions and Quarterly General Membership Meetings and Socials. Anyone who has served in our nation’s armed forces is cordially invited to the meetings and socials as announced in our parish bulletin and on this website. Spouses are cordially invited to join in the programs and meetings of the Veterans Support Group.

For more information

Contact: Ed Moitoza
Phone: 904-501-1326,
Email: Moitozaed@gmail.com.