Mission: The Prayer Quilt Ministry provides an opportunity for parishioners to pray for each other, or for family and friends who are seriously ill and in need of God’s healing grace.

The Prayer Quilt Ministry meets on the 1st and 5th Tuesdays of the month from 9 a.m. until noon to pray and make the prayer quilts. The ministry was started in January of 2008 and has presented over 300 prayer quilts.

All are welcome to join us – no sewing skills needed. Sometimes we need fabric washed, ironed and cut into squares; squares laid out to design quilts; pockets hemmed and sewn onto the back of quilts; and threads sewn throughout the quilt to be tied; and dots placed near the threads to identify the threads that need to be tied. Work can be done at home if you’re unable to join us for the Tuesday meetings.

Any parishioner can request a quilt after getting permission from the person who is to receive the quilt. The length of time to fulfill a request depends on the number of requests, the number of finished quilts on hand, how many workers we have to make the quilts, and when the next meeting is.

After a quilt is presented at the weekend Masses for prayers and tying it is checked to make sure that all the threads are securely doubled tied, then the threads are trimmed. The quilt is then ready to be picked up after the Tuesday Mass or the following weekend by the person who requested it.

If you would like to request a quilt, or you are interested in helping:

Contact: Miriam Huntley
Phone: 904-819-9881
E-mail: mhhuntley@att.net

Ministry at Work

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