scholaThere is no higher purpose for music than for prayer. Music conveys emotion, feelings, power, and beauty. We WITNESS to others as we share our own faith and trust through our song. It can change how we feel. It envelops us. It is WORD and melody, meaning and feeling. It is spirit filled and has the power to deeply touch everyone.

As music ministers we lead the congregation into prayer and WORSHIP through all the individual gifts that make up our Schola choir (school of singers). Most important, as a ministry of the church, we WELCOME all who want to share their gifts and be an integral part of our Liturgical celebration.

You Are Invited To Be Part Of Schola

Our ministry has a special place for everyone. As you know, our number has grown tremendously and we wish to keep the momentum going! Like other ministries at OLGC, our membership is made up from our parish congregation. We ask you to consider whether your faith experience can be made more meaningful by using your God given talents in serving all who look to our parish as their spiritual home.

If you play an instrument you might consider being a part of our instrumental ensemble that also participates in the weekly Liturgies.

SCHOLA Rehearsals

Our Schola is made up of many members who break down into 3 smaller groups and are responsible for providing music at the Masses each weekend. All three groups rehearse together, and, on certain occasions, the entire group will sing together at one Mass.

The Aloha Choir is a little more contemporary and rehearses separately. We encourage junior high and high school students who would like to sing or play an instrument to come and join us.
Traditional Choir

  • Mass Schedule: Sat. 4pm, Sun. 8am, 10am.
  • Rehearsal: Wednesday evenings 6:30 pm-7: 30 pm

Aloha Contemporary Music Ensemble

  • Sunday 12:00 Noon Mass
  • Rehearsal: Wednesday evenings 7:30 pm-9:00 pm

OLGC Orchestra: Instrumentalists are welcome to play at any of the Masses each weekend providing they attend rehearsals. Instrumental rehearsal takes place Wednesday Evenings, 5:30 – 7pm. For more information, please contact:
Orchestra Coordinator: Julio Caballero 904 342-6249

Contact: OLGC  Office
Tel: 904-824-8688

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