Dear Parishioners:
Pope Francis has convoked a synod of bishops throughout the world to discuss issues regarding families and households. In doing so the Pope has insisted on two things: simple honesty AND humble listening. How the world within and beyond the Church need both!
Below us a link to Stage Two of the Synod 2015 preparations. Herein the Pope has asked bishops to ask among the faithful and propose answers to varied questions regarding families and households today.
Herein he also asks bishops and clergy and people to set aside all ideology and seek true pastoral solutions to pressing pastoral questions.
Please read, pray and discuss these issues as members of the Church seeking to respond to the Gospel mandate of Jesus.
Fr. Guy, Pastor
Our Lady of Good Counsel

Earlier Synod Information

Dear Parishioners:

Pope Francis has convoked a worldwide meeting called a “Synod” on ‘challenges facing families’ and evangelization’.

There have been a number of reports on this Synod; it is an evolving conversation among the bishops and other lay and ecumenical representatives present.

Below are links to two reports:

  1. An earlier commentary by an official Vatican appointed English-language commentator,Father Thomas Rosica, on the Synod while in process. (pod cast)
  2. The actual official final text  (October 30, 2014) of the Synod’s topics. (See English translation link below)

NOTE: All topics in this final October 30th text received a majority vote from the Bishops and all remain topics for the next stages of the Synod.

These next stages include: (1) discussion  of Synod report among bishops in all countries ; (2) A second Synod in October of 2015 after which some conclusions may likely be forthcoming.
Fr. Guy

Exclusive Interview with Pope Francis, December 7, 2014  – La Nacion

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