• Beginning with this weekend, note there will be NO future “Pulpit” announcements/reminders.Please submit your to be placed here.
  • Eucharistic Congress: March 16-17, 2018: Theme is “Live in My Love” — — Save these Dates!
  • Gift Bearers weekend Mass:If you would like to be a gift bearer for a particular Mass on the weekend, please contactMarvin Sindel at marvinsindel@att.netor at 318-1926. He will need to know the date and what Mass you would like to be at.
  • Ministry Leaders please weekly go to Pod # 7 to look at your ministry mail tray and pick up your mail.
  • SAVE THESE DATES: March 4, 5, 6, 7 for our Lenten Parish Mission: “The Story of Faith”, presented by TV Star FRANK RUNYEON. See page 5 for more details.
  • Offertory Envelope Notice: If you have not been receiving your envelopes, please notify the Parish Office.
  • Normal Bulletin Deadline for written Bulletin Announcements and for Bulletin Item / Information that is ready for print is 3 pm Monday
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