• This weekend is Follow-Up Weekend for the Bishop’s Annual Stewardship Appeal (BASA).  Last week, we viewed a video message from Bishop Estévez, inviting us all to join together as One Faith, One Family, in support of the 2018 Appeal.  If you were unable to attend Mass at our parish last week, the video is available for viewing on the Diocesan website – www.dosafl.com. – If you have not yet made a pledge to the Appeal, you will have the opportunity to do so after today’s homily.  Thank you for your participation, it truly makes a difference.
  • Outdoor Stations of the Cross are at 3 pm Friday and 3 pm Sunday during Lent.
  • Our 16th annual Lenten Friday Fish Fry lunch & dinner has begun.  Please see Bulletin, page 6 for menu.
  • SAVE THESE DATES:  March 4, 5, 6, 7 for our Lenten Parish Mission: “The Story of Faith”, presented by TV Star FRANK RUNYEON.  See both the insert in this Bulletin and also page 5 for more details.
  • Ministries & Committees:  As of next week, please note there will be NO future Announcements/Reminders from the Pulpit.  Please submit your brief, one sentence announcement/reminder by 3 pm Mondays to be placed on page 2 of the weekly Bulletin and published on our website.
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