400Club2016The 2018 400 Club is an important fundraiser that provides member the opportunity to win $1500! For just $50 you receive a ticket for a weekly drawing for 9 months, with special cash prizes each week, culminating with 2 large holiday drawings.

We have sold 200 tickets to date, so we are short of our goal of 330 Tickets.  As such we will sell tickets for the next two weekends after all masses to attempt to increase our sales.  We will delay the first drawing and have two drawings on the weekend of April 29th.
If you have lost your ticket, we have additional tickets available that you can use.   Thank you for your generosity in the endeavor to have an emergency fund for unknown events.
  • April 29—First weekend drawing for $100 and all future drawings will be at the 4:00 Saturday Mass or the 10:00 Sunday Mass. There will be 35 of these weekly drawings with the last one on December 18.

Each week the winning ticket will be removed and saved for the final two drawings. The winning $500 ticket will be put back in for the $1000 drawing


To purchase a ticket contact
Marvin Sindel
tel: 904-318-1926
Email: marvinsindel@att.net